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USIPA Executive Director Seth Ginther discusses the Paris Agreement and outlines new proposals in the EU Renewable Energy Directive in an article for Biomass Magazine.




USIPA responds to Dutch TV news segment, “Forest as Fuel” (ZEMBLA)

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IEA Bioenergy Response to Chatham House Report

IEA Bioenergy responds to the “unfounded claims” and “flawed arguments” in a recent Chatham House report on bioenergy.  IEA’s response is supported by over 125 academics and researchers in the forestry, carbon, and bioenergy fields.



UK BEIS Report “Use of high carbon North American woody biomass in UK electricity generation”

This report from the UK government evaluates several ‘worst case’ carbon scenarios related to wood pellet demand and finds them to be unlikely.  The summary outlines the key themes and messages from the report.
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A letter from US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack

Letter from US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack highlighting the benefits of biomass to US forests, the economy, and the environment





Exports of pellets from the United States (US) are growing significantly to meet the demand for renewable energy in the European Union. This transatlantic trade in pellets has raised questions about the greenhouse gas (GHG) intensity of these pellets and their effects on conventional forest product markets in the US. This paper examines theGHGintensity of pellets exported from the US using either forest biomass only or forest and agricultural biomass combined


Rudd goes on record saying that biomass exported to the UK is not a cause for deforestation in the US and that markets lead to more forests. This is definitely a step in the right direction and shows that our members’ collective messages on sustainability appear to be cutting through all of the ENGO noise.


USIPA has teamed up with the National Alliance of Forest Owners and the US Endowment for Forestry and Communities to commission a report that provides objective, factual information and data to inform discussions about the true impact of the export wood pellet market on American forests and other forest products industries in the US South. The report was prepared by Forest2Market and is now final and available for review.

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Chuck Leavell, Georgia forest owner and Rolling Stones keyboardist, comments on biomass as a renewable energy

Rolling Stones keyboardist Chuck Level shows off Charlane Plantation, where he champions the importance of trees.

Sustainability guidelines and forest market response: an assessment of European Union pellet demand in the southeastern United States

Report from the Duke University Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy that shows sustainability of the US industrial wood pellet industry, as well as the benefits the industry can bring for US forest growth and carbon storage.



Forest Carbon Accounting Considerations in U.S. Bioenergy Policy

A study from the Society of American Foresters, published in the Journal of Forestry, discussing the carbon benefits of bioenergy and the effects of market forces on the bioenergy industry in the US.



The NAUFRP letter (above) was sent to UK and EU policy makers by Dr. Robert W. Malmsheimer, a professor at the State University of New York and leading scientist and researcher in the forest carbon policy field.

Malmsheimer to Davey and Loughhead - Science Fundamentals Letter

Malmsheimer to Juncker - Science Fundamentals Letter


Effect of Policies on Pellet Production and Forests in the U.S. South

A US Forest Service report on the effects of the growing biomass for energy industry on forests in the Southeastern US.



A Cost Effective, Job Creating, and Ready to Deploy Strategy for Baseload Dispatchable Low Carbon Power Generation

A paper from FutureMetrics on the potential for biomass to replace fossil fuel use in coal-burning utilities in the United States.



Potential greenhouse gas benefits of transatlantic wood pellet trade

A study done by UGA, Yale, and the University of Illinois showing the greenhouse gas emissions savings when using wood pellets in place of fossil fuels.



From the “Field to the Furnace”

Watch this film on making energy from biomass and how the carbon footprint of biomass is calculated.

Why Biomass?

Watch this interview with Dorothy Thompson, CEO of Drax, on why UK’s biggest power station is investing in biomass.

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Why U.S. Wood Can - and Should - Power Europe

An oped from forest owner (and Rolling Stones keyboardist) Chuck Leavall on the benefits of biomass.



How Reporters Miss the Forest and the Trees When Covering Wood Bioenergy Markets

An article from the independent analysts at Forisk correcting the common misconceptions about the woody biomass market.



New report shows industrial wood pellets deliver significant carbon benefits

USIPA and other members of the Bridging with Biomass coalition released a report on the long-term environmental benefits of woody biomass.



Context for US Wood Bioenergy Markets

A Forisk report looking at forest industry and wood consumption in the US to provide context for wood bioenergy market developments and research (2013)



Do Carbon Offsets Work? The Role of Forest Management in Greenhouse Gas Mitigation

An article from USDA’s Science Findings publication discussing the carbon benefits of managed forests versus unmanaged forests and the substitution effect of using biomass in place of fossil fuels (2013)



A Review of Biomass Carbon Accounting Methods and Implications

A report from the National Council for Air and Stream Improvement on forest carbon accounting approaches and factors to consider when determining carbon impacts (2013)



U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emmissions and Sinks, 1990-2011

An annual report from the US Environmental Protection Agency on the total annual US emissions and removals by source, economic sector, and greenhouse gas (2013)


Carbon 101: Understanding the Carbon Cycle and the Forest Carbon Debate

A Dovetail report containing an in depth analysis of the carbon cycle and how carbon emissions are calculated in the forest (2012)



U.S. Forest Resource Facts and Historical Trends

A brochure highlighting the findings of the National Report on Sustainable Forests, which provides a comprehensive account of available data on the current condition of the US’s forest resources (2010)



Availability and Sustainability of Wood Resources for Energy Generation in the United States

A Forisk report analyzing forest and woody residues available for emerging bioenergy projects in the US and the impact these projects will have on forest resources (2010)



Forest Management Solutions for Mitigating Climate Change in the United States

A report from government and forest industry leaders and scholars on effective climate change mitigation measures through forest management and bio-based renewable energy (2008)



The Environmental Benefits of Cofiring Biomass and Coal

A report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on the benefits of co-firing coal with biomass, prepared for a presentation to the International Technical Conference on Coal Utilization and Fuel Systems (2002)



A Comparison of the Environmental Consequences of Power from Biomass, Coal, & Natural Gas

A report from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory on life cycle assessments on biomass, coal, and natural gas, prepared for a presentation to the First World Conference and Exhibition on Biomass for Energy and Industry (2000)